The church supports Toilet Twinning, a charity which builds toilets in areas of the world where there are none.  The church has raised £300 to date to sponsor 5 toilets.  Worth Park Playgroup, Rainbows & Brownies are joining together to sponsor three toilets at £60 each.

You can Toilet Twin your own home loos here:

A letter from Toilet Twinning:

You are helping to flush poverty down the loo!

We hope you are delighted with your new toilet twin and that your certificate is now displayed with pride in your loo, or someone else's! Your donation has already been put to work and will help transform a family's life for good. Through your support, people like Spencer can now look ahead to a much healthier future...
In Malawi’s Rumphi District, Toilet Twinning’s partner has taught Spencer and his neighbours how to build proper toilets and trained them in hygiene practices such as handwashing.‘There are now very few cases of sickness because people know how to look after their bodies,’ says Spencer. ‘People used to have to go to the hospital a lot but now they are well and working for the improvement of our community. Now we have a good life!’

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and
thank you for helping us tackle poverty from the bottom up! 

With best wishes

Lorraine Kingsley