Our Elders

The United Reformed Church ordains Elders to work with a minister as part of the leadership team.  After the ordination, the minister asks the members of the church to accept the ministry of all the elders to be inducted:

i)  to foster in the congregation concern for witness and service to the community, evangelism at home and abroad, Christian education, ecumenical action, local inter-church relations and the wider responsibilities of the whole church;

ii)  to see that public worship is regularly offered and the sacraments are duly administered, and generally to promote the welfare of the congregation;

iii)  to ensure pastoral care for the congregation, in which the minister is joined by elders having responsibility for groups of members;

iv)  to nominate from among its members a church secretary (or secretaries), to be elected by the church meeting, to serve both the church meeting and the elders’ meeting;

v)  to arrange for pulpit supply in a vacancy;

At Crawley United Reformed Church our Officers are:

Pat Chesson - Church Secretary

Sue Fenwick - Admin Secretary

Jenny Gill - Treasurer

Our other serving Elders are:

Bridget Russell

Derek Russell

Anne Thorna